Who we are

We are a global software company.

We have different activities around software development, distribution and consultancy.

Software CAD CAM

Our division for distribution of software for 3D design and CNC manufacturing.

Mainly, we distribute and support BOBCAD-CAM software in Spain.

It is a software for programming and controlling CNC Machines.

Milling, Turning, Láser, EDM, Waterjet, etc.


Software development division.
We make business software (crm, invoicing, mobile solutions, ecommerce)


We are cloud also.
JPaaS is our platform as a service which gives Java developers an environment to test and deploy their applications fastly.

Drag and Drop your WAR/JAR file and get online quickly!

No configuration needs.

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Contact: info @ torrman . com

Telephone: 0034 954 73 82 21